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Who are we?

eSynergy Technologies is a joint venture between Technology providers eSynergy Recycling, Ecosynergy Holdings and JNS to develop integrated thermo mechanical solutions for the recycling composite insulated products including foam insulated building panels, refrigeration equipment and packaging etc.

Waste Disposal

The first of the joint ventures plants built for eSynergy Recycling and operated by eSynergy Recycling at Melton Mowbray now offers cost effective recycling with all foam safely within an integrated facility fully licenced to the highest IED standards. Visit for information on collection and disposal rates please visit:


The technology partners at eSynergy Technologies bring together decades of R&D in to the mechanical and thermal treatment options for difficult hazardous wastes. eSynergy Technologies has been recognised with several awards for innovative solutions.

ST-150 Pyrolysis Plant

We have a detaild PDF document showing our ST-150 Pyrolysis Plant available to view here: PDF Download.

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